Kimberly Scott

KIDNEY FAILURE:  Kimberly Scott

Thirty-nine-year-old radio host Kimberly Scott died late Wednesday night due to kidney failure.

Scott, who was diabetic, was known for her show on 96.1 Wefm called “The Hookup”, which she co-hosted with announcer Sheyna West. She also hosted the “Midday Scandal” show.

Tony Chow Lin On, owner the Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network, 96.1’s parent company, told the Express yesterday: “We lost a family member as Kimberly was one of the pillars of 96.1.”

She worked with the firm for 15 years. He said she had lasted long in a business that has a high turnover rate, “because in many ways she was not known only for her work which was built on caring and dedication, but so many people came and trained under her and have budding careers today”.

Chow Lin On said artistes such as Clyde The Outlaw and Olatunji Yearwood were greatly assisted by Scott in establishing their careers.

“Olatunji started his radio career as her wingman so to speak, and she was a great mentor and good person and then even coming down to this final chapter she was a pillar of strength and courage that would inspire us to inspire her,” he said.

He explained that they visited her at Westshore private hospital in Cocorite where she died but, “the moment she felt better she turned up at work and went to work on air on a wheelchair.

“She had a helluva fight and then she touched everybody in that building for many years and when I got the news I was so saddened by the loss and at the same time knowing she is in a better place so I resigned and said God knows best and memories of her will never be erased,” Chow Lin On said.


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