A RAPE-ACCUSED who begged his former landlord to remain as his bailor was taken to jail on Wednesday.

Gardner Nigel Sinanan asked Sunil Kowlessar not to withdraw from the role until his uncle who is due to arrive in the country in a month’s time, takes the cash version of his bail.

But Kowlessar to whom the justice of the peace had explained the responsibilities of a bailor, told Sinanan he did not listen to him.

Sinanan faced three charges of sexual penetration and one charge of housebreaking with intent which allegedly occurred back in 2017. The charges were laid by corporal Diamond. Sinanan was out on $150,000 bail after Kowlessar used the deed for his home to secure the bail.

In giving evidence, Kowlessar said he was a stranger who decided to help Sinanan.

He said that he wanted to be relieved as bailor because Sinanan was not listening to him, he was unaware where he now resided and had no phone contact for him. Kowlessar said he had put Sinanan out after he dirtied his property and had also damaged a window of the house.

He said Sinanan was served with the summons to attend court after he went to the police station as part of his condition of bail.

From the witness stand, Sinanan claimed that Kowlessar knew where he lived in Gasparillo and had a cell phone contact for him. He also denied that he had not cleaned Kowlessar’s place and told the court that the window broke in Kowlessar’s presence while work was being done on the property.

“I begging you please for one more month. … I don’t want to go back in jail,” Sinanan said to Kowlessar.

San Fernando senior magistrate Jo-Anne Connor granted Kolwessar’s application to be relieved as Sinanan’s bailor. She then placed Sinanan back on $150,000 bail and also granted a cash alternative of $15,000. His bail will have to be taken by another person.

Sinanan was taken into custody until he gets a new bailor.

His matters will next be called on August 7.