THE MAN seen in a viral reversing around the Queen’s Park Savannah and through the streets of Maraval is being investigated for traffic offences.

Police said they are investigating him for the offences of reversing an unreasonable distance and dangerous driving.

In a video on social media show the man driving a B-13 Sentra reversing amid early morning one way traffic around the Queen’s Park Savannah.

In another video he is reversing through the streets of Maraval, skilfully avoiding oncoming traffic and getting around parked vehicles.

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President of Arrive Alive Sharon Inglefield commented that the man’s driving was “absolutely reckless”.

“We do hope the TTPS addresses this recklessness on our roads and charges this driver. We are once again pleading with the Transport Commissioner to suspend the drivers permit of the reckless drivers on our roads”, said Inglefield.