Anil Roberts

 Anil Roberts

THE Prime Minister is being told he is not yet done answering questions on the issue of his $1.2 million property at INEZ Gate on Shirvan Road in Tobago.

On his return from Barbados on Friday, PM Dr Keith Rowley addressed the United National Congress (UNC) claims over his alleged failure to declare the 2019 purchase of the townhouse to the Integrity Commission.

Rowley walked with his records and “transaction documents” (cheque, stamp duty, deed of ownership and the Integrity Commission Declaration Form) to rubbish the allegation of UNC’s shadow attorney general Saddam Hosein.

The purchase was conducted in February 2019 and the Prime Minister said he made the declaration on his 2020 Form A.

Rowley produced his 2019 Form A, which was filed in December 2019 and which on page 7 contained the six properties (including the Shirvan Road property) owned by him and his wife and family.

He indicated that he had asked for an extension from the Integrity Commission to file his 2020 return and he had received it and on Monday he filed his 2020 return (which also listed the property).

At the UNC news conference yesterday, Opposition Senator Anil Roberts said the matter will not rest because there are many unanswered questions.

“We are not interested in whether the Prime Minister attends a guest house, a pub house, a hen house or house of horrors. What the Opposition cares about is the law. Did the Prime Minister break the law, did he fail to give a full and complete account on his registrable interest, i.e. Form B. Did he fill it out properly and sign it? Signing a false declaration is a charge in itself. Dr Keith Rowley confessed to this, he admitted that he did not sign Form B,” Roberts stated.

He questioned whether Rowley declared on Form B that he was a shareholder at Inez Gate.

“Answer the question, Prime Minister, did you put this important information on Form B or did you omit this?” Roberts added.

The senator also called for information on the relationship between the Government and the contractor of Inez Gate, Allan Warner.

Roberts also claimed that the said contractor got several work projects under this Government.

“Identify what contracts were awarded to Mr Warner and is it because of a close relationship between the PM and the contractor he got the unit in the development for $1.2 million?” Roberts asked.

At the news conference on Friday, Rowley did indicate that he and Warner were friends and he was not afraid to hide his honest and transparent friends.

The UNC has written to the Integrity Commission asking for a probe of the PM’s filing.


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