Khafra Kambon

(flashback) Khafra Kambon, chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee, speaks yesterday at the Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village.

Chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee Khafra Kambon says he is happy that the Prime Minister has raised concerns that the country’s African population is not doing as well as expected.

“This is a very serious concern, because there is no doubt that we are in a crisis situation where too many of our African youth are finding themselves in serious problems. Too many of our communities are living under stress because of crime,” Kambon said yesterday.

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“It is important that Government identifies it as a problem. And now they must identify the targeted solutions that are going to apply to that problem. To me that is a beginning to moving towards proper dialogue, proper discussions about approaches that can be effectively taken in order to deal with the situation and not simply say just let the forces of the State kill them out and that’s it,” he told the Express via telephone.

Kambon said the current crime situation was creating anxiety and fear throughout society, not just among those living in communities plagued with crime and violence.


OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union (OWTU) is attempting to deflect scrutiny of what she described yesterday as its failure to protect former Petrotrin workers.

Tabaquite MP Suruj Rambachan said yesterday he was very concerned about fraudsters coming into the country and operating and working illegally as spiritualists and “ripping people off”. Noting that there were such persons “all over the country”, Rambachan said they were sometimes being facilitated by local people.

THE Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) said yesterday it will meet with the United National Congress (UNC) on Thursday, following the party’s complaint that the commission ignored its request to investigate some “1,684 inconsistencies and anomalies” within several electoral districts.

FIVE officials from the Licensing Authority were among six people who stood before a Port of Spain magistrate yesterday morning accused of fraud, conspiracy and misbehaviour charges related to the re-registration of a vehicle stolen from a Petit Valley man last year.

THE Ministry of Health employee whose image was plastered over social media earlier this month and labelled as a “bandit” has instructed his attorneys to issue a pre-action protocol letter to the woman who made the original post, seeking a public apology and “significant” monetary compensation for defamation of character.