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‘ALTAR OF DENIAL’: Samantha Ramischand

Infamous “beach boaster” Samantha Ramischand has sought legal advice.

The Express contacted Ramischand yesterday and a man answered, indicating that she has been “advised by her attorneys to say nothing”.

Ramischand has been roasted on social media and also by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh for posting a video in which she boasted about having access to her own private beach while the rest of the country is prohibited from visiting beaches.

Ramischand is the daughter of attorney Odai Ramischand. Efforts to contact her father proved futile.

The police have been looking for Ramischand since her video went viral.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith had said there is no such thing as a private beach and all beaches are off-limits under Covid-19 regulations.

Beaches, as well as rivers and water parks, have been closed to the public in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19.

In her video, Ramischand, who was wearing a beach hat, swimwear and sunglasses, said the beach was private land.

“I’m at the beach again with my family and it’s come to my attention that some of you guys are having a problem that we are on the beach. It is our private beach, our private land. We are not risking anybody’s lives because it’s just us family here. We know each other’s whereabouts, we know who we’re around so not that I need to explain this to anyone but I don’t know what to tell you guys.” She ended the clip boasting: “We’re just fortunate to have this beautiful place and you don’t.”

Griffith himself shared the video asking for the public’s help in finding Ramischand who was at that time unidentified.

He said: “The TTPS is reminding citizens that ALL beaches, rivers, and water parks remain closed in accordance with the Public Health Ordinance regulations. There is nothing as a PRIVATE or PUBLIC BEACH. Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the person in this video is asked to contact the Police at 999, 555, the Police App or WhatsApp 482-GARY.”

The incident comes on the heels of criticism of the police handling of a private pool party at Bayside Towers in Cocorite last week, where partygoers were let off with a warning, prompting accusations of preferential treatment for certain citizens.