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DONE DEAL: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley presents the cooperation agreement for the development of a dry-docking facility to People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Song Yumin, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the National Infrastructure Development Company (Nidco) and China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) for the development of a dry-docking facility at La Brea. The signing took place at the Lake Asphalt Company of Trinidad and Tobago, Brighton, La Brea, on September 7. Looking on at left is Rui Wang, regional manager of the Eastern Caribbean, CHEC Americas Division. 

THE population of La Brea is drying up.

With each visit to La Brea over the years, as massive energy projects were announced by governments at intervals, the population of those who should be excited has continued to dwindle.

After decades of “hearing wolf”, as one community retiree remarked last week, those in La Brea who were able to “better themselves” have done it.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley signed a memorandum of understanding on September 7 with China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) for construction of a massive dry-docking facility in La Brea.


The global battle for vaccines may cause major delays for small nations like Trinidad and Tobago in getting their populations inoculated.

While Government officials are hesitant to admit it, this country’s first shipment under the COVAX arrangement could be in ­trouble, given the worldwide scenario.