Parents, if your child does pass for his/her first choice in the Secondary Entrance Assessment examination there is a tomorrow.

“It doesn't mean that you have a stupid child, it doesn't mean you have a child who's not intelligent, it doesn't mean you do not have a child that would not be successful,” said director of the Children’s Authority Safiya Noel.

At a news conference on Monday morning, Noel said some parents find themselves abusing their children “in the vein of trying to cause them to be successful”.

A total of 18,849 students are registered to sit the SEA examination on Thursday.

“This time could be a very difficult time for parents and children,” Noel said.

“And often parents find themselves abusing their children in the vein of trying to cause them to be successful. So we are cautioning parents please utilised self-control. Seek help if you need to seek help, but do not put out your frustrations on the children,” she went on.

She pointed out that many parents did not pass for their first choice, yet are successful citizens who are contributing to society.

She said instead of parents putting pressure on their children, they should instead encourage them.

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“Say that you believe in them, that you have faith in them. If they do not pass for their first choice, there is a tomorrow.

Noel was addressing the media, during the launch Child Abuse Prevention Month.

She encouraged parents to educate their children on the various forms of abuse, including physical and sexual abuse.

“Children need to know what the abuse looks like, how it will make them feel, what to do if they’re abused. We are supposed to target trusted adults in their lives that they can go to if they are abused. And parents you have the primary responsibility. It is not the Government, it is not the faith-based organisations, it is you.”