Sharvaani Rampersad-Maharaj

STUDYING IN TORONTO: Sharvaani Rampersad-Maharaj

Joint President’s Medal recipient, Sharvaani Rampersad-Maharaj, is humbled by her achievement.

The former Naparima Girl’s High School pupil is now pursuing a degree in Business Studies at the University of Toronto.

Her mother, Naline Maharaj, said yesterday she had expected to her first born to excel at the CAPE examinations.

And by her placement in the regional merit list which was released by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) last month, Maharaj said she knew her daughter would do well.

Maharaj contacted her daughter at her university campus in Mississauga following the announcement by Education Minister Anthony Garcia yesterday afternoon.

“She had already known because her friends contacted her. Her two brothers had also spoken to her. She was excited but she is not one to boast about her achievement. She is very humble,” Maharaj said.

Rampersad-Maharaj, 19, tied for the award with Celine Roodal of Lakshmi Girls’ Hindu College, St Augustine.

Maharaj, a mother of four, said her daughter has been a high performer since pre-school. “I knew she was going to do well. She has always been very dedicated to her work. And when I saw the merit list I knew she would do well. As for President’s Medal…I was not certain but I am very, very happy and proud of her,” she said.

Maharaj said her daughter spent last weekend at a family event in Trinidad and returned to Toronto on Sunday night.

Maharaj and her husband, Dr Surendra Rampersad, own and operate a dental clinic in San Fernando.

She said her daughter was also very dedicated in her religion and worshipped at the mandir regularly. She was president of the mandir’s youth group and a member of the Susan Mohip Dance Company.

Rampersad-Maharaj studied business subjects at secondary school and performed exceptionally well in Accounting.

Hard-working and conscientious

Naparima Girls’ principal, Carolyn Bally-Gosine, said yesterday she was thrilled and excited by the results.

She said Rampersad-Maharaj had always been hard working and conscientious and participated in all activities at school.

“At Naparima Girls’ we always try to produce holistically developed students and we are happy and pleased with the announcement,” she said.

The school secured 38 scholarships, 21 additional and 17 open.

Naparima College got 13 open and seven additional scholarships while ASJA Girls’ College, San Fernando, received 11 additional and five open scholarships.


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