Chalapersad Kumar,

Died: Chalapersad Kumar

THE sister of a Williamsville hunter who may have bled to death after he was shot by a trap gun in the forest is pleading for an end to the illegal form of hunting.

Chalapersad Kumar, also known as “Lincoln”, 57, of Ecclesville, Williamsville was shot on Wednesday morning in a forested area in Piparo.

Kumar sustained a leg injury and died before help could reach him two miles into the forested area.

His sister, Dolly Ramsundar, said her brother was a kind and generous man who did not deserve such a death.

Ramsundar said the team of police officers and volunteers who went into the forest to assist her brother were also at risk because of the trap guns.

“Please whoever is setting these trap guns, please stop it. They are destroying families. The police and people who went to get (Kumar) were walking as if they were on thin ice because they didn’t know if another gun would go off and kill someone else. They had to walk slowly until they reached him. They brought his body out of the forest around 6 p.m.,” said his sister.

“The people who do not own legal firearms are the ones who are setting the traps. I would like to know where they are getting the cartridges to load it,” said Ramsundar.

A police report said Kumar accompanied by Haseem Nassarali, 19, went to hunt in a forested area off Johnstone Road.

Ramsundar said other hunters were expected to meet them later in the day. Nassarali told police that at around 7 a.m. he had walked some distance away from Kumar, when he heard an explosion. He said Kumar screamed and he found him on the ground bleeding from a wound to the back of his left knee.

Nassarali said he walked out of the forest and alerted police.

Cpl Nazrudeen, PC Alexander other officers of the Princes Town police responded and hours after the shooting they found him unresponsive, lying on the ground in a crouched position.

Police officers discovered a trap some 15 feet away from Kumar.

A district medical officer pronounced him dead at the scene.

The DMO found there was an injury to back of his left knee.

Ramsundar said her brother was a very experienced hunter who had his own hunting dogs.

“From a tender age he was hunting, and had plenty friends who were hunters. This was the first time he was ever shot,” she said. “My husband and son are hunters and they are always in the bush. This incident is making me think twice about them hunting.”

She said that Kumar was a farmer who tended to ten acres of cocoa at Piparo, and also had vegetable and provision gardens.

He lived alone, was not married and did not have children.

She said her brother was also well known as a masseuse and chiropractor and tended to people from across the country.

“He was a very generous person and loved to help people. This should not have happened to him,” she said.

Ramsundar said funeral arrangements were being made for tomorrow at his home.

Princes Town police are continuing investigations.


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