Sean Gibson

‘WE LOST A GEM’:  Sean Gibson 

Someone has access to the cellphone belonging to murder victim, Sean Gibson.

That person, relatives believe, holds the key to why the Special Olympian was bludgeoned to death.

Gibson’s cellphone could not be found when his body was discovered behind a vegetable stall in Woodland on Saturday.

Sean Gibson

Killed: Sean Gibson

His sister, Candice Gibson, said she called the cellphone several times but there was no answer.

The device’s WhatsApp messenger, however, remained active.

“The WhatsApp was active up until last night. It was online. We sent a message and the message was read. This was reported to the police,” she said.

Gibson said her family was distraught and wanted to know why her brother was murdered.

An autopsy performed at the Forensic Science Centre on Monday confirmed that death was due to blunt force trauma. His head was bashed in.

Sean Gibson, 34, was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child.

He worked as a security guard.

Gibson told relatives he was meeting friends at a bar in San Fernando on Friday evening.

He never returned to his Vistabella home.

Gibson’s parents were driving to the San Fernando police station to file a missing person report when a photograph of their son’s body was posted to social media.

He was identified by the clothing he was wearing.

His sister said relatives were traumatised by the image of her brother’s body being shared to social media.

Candice Gibson appealed to members of the public to think about the person’s loved ones.

“That was a very painful moment for us. We understand that we are living in a time with technological advances but when it hits home then you understand how insensitive it is,” she said.

Sean Gibson competed in the Special Olympics in Los Angeles, China and Austria. He was a gold medallist and former football captain.

Homicide officers are investigating rumours that Gibson was recently threatened by a man over a friendship with a girl.

Funeral arrangements are yet to be confirmed.


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