Three persons are seen in cages at the Transformed Rehabilitation Life Ministry Centre, where 69 persons were found at the facility in Arouca last night, during a police exercise.

Several workers of the Transformed Life Ministry (TLM) came to the defence of their employer and church owner, Glen Awong, yesterday.

The pastor was among six persons detained yesterday morning at the TLM building, along the Eastern Main Road, Arouca, during a police raid.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith yesterday linked the raid to enquiries on human trafficking and “modern-day slavery”.

However, those who spoke with the Express yesterday denounced these descriptions.

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The pastor was described as a hard-working man who tried to give care to elderly persons and persons with drug addictions whose families were not able to afford continuous care for these afflicted individuals.

“I want to know where the police got human trafficking from? Because these people are not being trafficked. They are all here and accounted for, and there are documents and receipts for these people because it’s not a free service.