A squall ripped roofs off in Gasparillo yesterday.

Fifteen roofs at Bonne Aventure Main Road, Alladin Trace, Coco Piece Road, Perry Road and Cotton Hill at Caratal were affected, chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation Henry Awong said.

Awong said officers of the CTTRC’s Disaster Management Unit and a response team visited affected residents and provided assistance to repair the roofs.

He said it was shortly after 2 p.m. that violent gusts of wind blew across the communities.

“It was a freak storm that hit, with the heavy rainfall, thunder, lightning and strong winds,” said Awong.

He said feedback from the response teams noted that at most of the houses, sections of galvanised roof sheeting dislodged. He said at Alladin Trace, one abandoned, dilapidated structure collapsed under the heavy winds and showers.

“Officers are currently conducting assessments and providing necessary relief items. Assistance is also provided by the CTTRC response team to aid persons to temporarily repair their roofs. All affected persons will be staying within their homes tonight with the exception of the victim of the collapsed structure who will be staying with relatives,” said Awong.