Dr Charles Kriel

Facebook accounts in T&T harvested: Dr Charles Kriel

THE Trinidad and Tobago electo­rate was used as the guinea pig for Brexit, which in turn was the test-run for the 2016 United States presidential campaign, which Donald Trump won.

This according to information given by Dr Charles Kriel, an expert in data mining and information technology, who appeared before the Joint Select Committee (JSC) on National Security.

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Kriel, who has been the specialist adviser to the House of Commons Select Com­mittee on disinformation and fake news for the past year, was also invited by the T&T Parliament to act as a consultant/advis­er to the T&T JSC, which is enquiring into the activities of Cambridge Ana­ly­­tica, Aggregate IQ (AIQ) and Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) in Trinidad and Tobago.


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