Transformed Life Ministry

(flashback)RAIDED: Police officers stand guard outside the Transformed Life Ministry building in Arouca on Wednesday. 

THERE are no criteria for the opening of rehabilitation centres in Trinidad and Tobago. This was pointed out by Prof Gerard Hutchinson, head of psychiatry of The University of the West Indies, in an interview with the Express last Friday. He said, however, that individuals opening these establishments “need to apply for some permission to various authorities, including the Ministry of Health”, and they should be regulated and regularly inspected.

Asked whether it is the norm at medical institutions to have violent inmates secured (tied down) and placed in isolation cells, the professor said, “Chemical restraint is preferable, that is, with medication, but physical restraints and seclusion/isolation are still used in some psychiatric facilities albeit with padding of the walls, and close supervision.”


More citizens are expressing disappointment at not receiving the promised salary grant.

Housekeeping employees of The Villas at Stonehaven at Black Rock, Tobago— Rackel Ayres and Sheldon Greene — told the Express they continue to be “disappointed” since they have not yet received the $1,500 salary relief grant to assist with their expenses during Covid-19.

MASSY Motors, the largest dealer of new cars in T&T, yesterday announced it has furloughed 68 employees, it will rotate an additional 35 members of staff one-day on and one-day off and ten executives will have their salaries cut by 20 per cent.

The expenditure-reduction measures, which will impact 113 employees in total, took effect from June 1 and are due for last three months, Massy Motors chairman, David O’Brien told the Express yesterday.

TWENTY-FOUR employees of Lifestyle Motors have been temporarily placed on furlough for a period of three months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, the company said the workers will gradually return to work in the coming weeks.

GEORGE Floyd’s death was a tragedy that should never have happened.

This was the view of the United States Embassy yesterday as it responded yesterday to rallies organised by Trinidadians outside its Port of Spain office.