File photo: Movietowne owner Derek Chin stands in the foreground of his cinema establishment.

A confrontation at MovieTowne, at Invaders Bay in Port of Spain, on Saturday night between two groups of teenagers led to one individual being detained.

However, the actions of these two groups may have even more serious implications on young persons, as MovieTowne owner Derek Chin told the Express that, as a result of this incident, he would be considering implementing a “no loitering” policy on the compound.

Police said that no serious injuries were reported in the incident, which was quickly contained by security guards.

However, people who were at the scene at the time recorded parts of the confrontation, leading to heavy criticisms being levelled against the young persons for their actions, and even the business and police for allowing people to gather in such numbers during a period when only groups of 25 and under are allowed in public under the current Public Health Ordinance regulations.

“It was a situation we did not expect this weekend. It was a large crowd which we have not seen since the reopening of businesses. Part of the incident was recorded and uploaded to the Internet, but it does not show the whole story. I saw what took place, having been there that night, and I asked the security and was informed.

“Two groups, focused around two young children, had a brief confrontation. It was quelled easily and broken up within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, with that number of children, such an issue can happen from time to time but we will be taking active steps to prevent another such development, including preventing loitering at that area,” Chin said.