FLASHBACK: A shopper places a pack of rice into their grocery basket while shopping at Super Quality Endeavour, Chaguanas. Photo ISHMAEL SALANDY.

FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert yesterday gave the full list of the items the Government proposes to make free of VAT on November 1, 2021.

In a news release, Imbert said he was clarifying the Government’s policy decision regarding the list of basic foods being considered for zero-rating for VAT, and to clear up misinformation that is being spread in the public domain.
The list comprises the following items:
• vegetable/soya bean oil;
• olive oil;
• coconut oil;
• canola oil;
• ghee;
• peanut butter;
• black pepper and other spices;
• family cereal;
• kid’s cereals;
• hot cereal oats;
• milk substitute;
• condensed milk;
• instant coffee;
• ground coffee;
• steel cut oats
• black tea (3kg and under)
• green tea (3kg and under)
• orange juice
• apple juice
• still water (bottled water)
• seasoned meat
• sausages, canned or otherwise packaged
• canned tuna
• canned mackerel
• canned peas
• canned beans
• canned corn
• canned mixed vegetables
• mayonnaise
• ketchup
• roti skin
• soup (packaged)
• geera (crushed or gound)
• soya chunks
• soya minced
• ground dhal
• cheese slices
• table butter
• pigtail
• ham slices
• turkey slices
• chicken lunchmeats
• bologna
• fresh juice
• biscuits and crackers


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