Keone Paryag and his companion Danah Alleyne

In the chaotic final minutes before the fatal shooting, at least six people were holding guns – four police officers, Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne, and the man who was killed, Keone Paryag.

And it appears all were licensed firearm holders.

Paryag, 34, was the companion of Danah Alleyne, the sister of Ian Alleyne.

The senior officer on the scene, Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar, is the husband of Ian Alleyne’s sister Leander Alleyne-Mystar.

The killing happened shortly before nightfall Friday, outside a house at Biljah Road, Chaguanas.


Ian Alleyne with police officers at the shooting scene. The video was captured by his cameraman.

Police Commissioner Garry Griffith has ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting, and wants to know from his officers why Ian Alleyne, with his handgun, was allowed to be present with police officers during an active and hostile situation.

And the Police Complaints Authority has launched a separate probe, sending out its civilian investigators to find witnesses and gather evidence to determine if any officer should be prosecuted, disciplined, or absolved.

What happened

Police officers say they were called to the Biljah Street house after hearing gunshots. It is believed Paryag was firing his gun inside the house, in the presence of a terrified Danah Alleyne.

Mystar came with his officers at around 6p.m.

Ian Alleyne also came, with his cameraman.

The events in the minutes before the killing were recorded by the cameraman.

It shows three uniformed officers standing a distance away from Mystar who is heard speaking with Paryag, who was out of view.


Ian Alleyne taking his sister away shortly after the shooting

A man shouted “Me and you alone. Everybody back off!”.

It’s unclear what happened next but Mystar is heard saying ‘drop it please, I begging you’ before shots are fired and the suspect hit in the leg.


Keone Paryag and his companion Danah Alleyne

Ian Alleyne, the three other officers, and the cameraman advanced to the shooting scene, and Alleyne leads his sister away from the scene.

Someone shouts obscenities.

She is heard asking “they shoot him?’

“Danah, I don’t know” Ian Alleyne says.

Keone Paryag died at hospital. It is reported that doctors found cocaine in his system, and they could not control the bleeding in the leg.

Gary wants probe

Within hours of the shooting, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith launched an investigation into how Alleyne was allowed to stand alongside police officers who were in a standoff with a man they ended up shooting dead in Chaguanas.


Police officers trying to reason with the suspect shortly before the shooting.

Griffith told the Express that he wants to know how Alleyne, a civilian, was allowed to be alongside the officers in a hostile situation.

He said he would be meeting with the police officers involved and the probe would be conducted by the Professional Standards Bureau.

The statement from the Police Complaints Authority (PCA)

Pursuant to Section 26 of the Police Complaints Authority (“PCA”) Act Chap. 15:05, the PCA has initiated an investigation into the matters surrounding the fatal shooting of Mr. Keon Paryag in Chaguanas by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on Friday 18th October, 2019.


Senior Superintendent Wayne Mystar and his wife Leander Alleyne-Mystar. Souce: Facebook

The PCA's civilian investigators will conduct an independent investigation of this matter, at the conclusion of which a report will be forwarded to the Authority. Upon receipt of the said report, the Authority shall make an assessment and form an opinion as to whether there is sufficient evidence to support a recommendation for prosecution and/ or the institution of disciplinary proceedings or closure in its investigation.

As an independent oversight body, the PCA is committed to ensuring that no Police Officer acts above the Rule of Law and to empowering the citizenry to report incidents of police misconduct and/or criminal activity.

Any witnesses to or persons with information on this incident are kindly asked to contact the PCA at 627-4383 / 627-4386 or at info@pca.org.tt. Rest assured all information provided will be treated as confidential.