Narissa Goora

NO WITNESSES: Narissa Goora, who was stabbed to death in Tamana in 2016.

Nurse Narissa Nikki Goora was walking home from work, nearly four years ago, when she was stabbed to death by men hiding out in a house on her street.

The 24-year-old woman described the killer in her last breath – a tall, dark man.

Four men were interviewed by investigators but there was not sufficient evidence to lay charges, her family was told.

Her mother, Nalinie Boodoo, said her family still wants justice.

“My daughter was killed in 2016. I still call the police every week asking for an update. And every single time they tell me they have nothing new. When the men were arrested the police said there were no eyewitnesses and they cannot charge them. I want justice, I want closure for my child’s death. This was not a case of a jilted lover, or revenge. My child was killed for absolutely no reason,” she said.

In an interview with the Express last week, Boodoo recalled what happened back in May 2016.

Goora lived with her father and an older sister at Tamana Hill Road, Coryal, near Sangre Grande.

She was employed as a nurse at the Sangre Grande Health Centre.

“It was the weekend before Mother’s Day. My daughter finished work at 2 p.m. and was anxious to get home to cut and colour her father’s hair. She took a taxi and dropped out on the junction and was walking to their house. It was a walk she had made since a child, so it was not unusual. She was passing her uncle’s house which was under construction and saw some strange men inside. She called out to them saying she will call the police for them,” she said.

Boodoo said her family was told that Goora threatened to get the men arrested for trespassing.

A few minutes later, Goora was seen running into her grandmother’s house covered in blood.

She had been stabbed once in the abdomen.

“My mother said she ran in and dropped on the couch, saying she was stabbed. She was fighting up to say something. All my mother heard was that she was stabbed by a tall, dark man. She wanted to say something else but she couldn’t speak,” the mother said.

The same taxi that had earlier dropped off Goora returned and transported her to Sangre Grande District Hospital, where she died.

Boodoo, a mother of three, said she was at her workplace in Port of Spain when a relative called.

“My niece said Nikki was stabbed. I left work and was travelling to Sangre Grande. By the time I got to the Trincity taxi stand I got another call saying she did not make it. My daughter was going to spend Mother’s Day weekend with me,” she cried.

Goora was cremated on the day before Mother’s Day.

“It was the most painful experience for a mother. Although their father and I separated, my children never felt like they did not have a mother. They were always a part of my life,” she said.

Boodoo said her daughter’s belongings – her handbag, cellphone and travel bag – were never returned to the family.

And the mother believes the police had failed her family.

Plea to Gary

“I am asking the Commissioner of Police (Gary Griffith) to look at my child’s case. It will not bring her back to us but we will get justice. My child did not have a boyfriend, she was a good person with big dreams and these men just kill her for no reason. She did not deserve this. She was loved at her workplace, she would help people with a smile.

Hundreds of people came to our homes telling stories about how she helped them. People from all over the place, strangers, were crying for my child,” she said.

Boodoo said forensic investigations found that her daughter fought her killers.

“My child fought to live. Her hair was in a mess and her clothes ripped because she was fighting them. I was told she may have bitten one of the men too. I cannot understand how they did not find DNA evidence in her nails or anything to help in the investigations,” she said.

Boodoo said the killing caused panic in the rural community.

“Everyone lived as one and when this happened it sent shock waves in the village. This girl was innocent and people could not understand how someone would just kill her like that. They started looking over their shoulders and locking their doors earlier. And since no one was ever arrested the killers are still roaming among us,” she said.

Her father, Naresh Goora, never recovered from his daughter’s death, relatives said.

“She lived with him. She cooked and cleaned and washed. They shared a very close relationship and he never really got over that,” Boodoo said.

Boodoo said her family had suffered tremendously since her daughter’s death and she pleaded with the police to bring an end to “this nightmare”.

“It is like a bad dream that never ends. We want closure. We will not rest until we get some kind of justice,” she said.

The Express contacted homicide officers who were unable to give an update on the investigation.

However, the officer said the case was not closed.