Former CEPEP manager commits suicide

Peter Radgman of Pembroke, Tobago, was sentenced to hang on Wednesday, at the Tobago High Court, for the 2009 murder of Kooldip Maharaj.

The murder occurred at Allfield Trace, Lowlands, Tobago.

Judge Kathy-Ann Waterman-Latchoo handed down the sentence after a guilty verdict was delivered by a 12-member jury.

The body of Maharaj, also known as Rishi Maharaj, of Old Clarke Trace, Barrackpore, Trinidad, was found at an apartment in Allfields Trace on the night of June 13, 2009.

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He was beaten with a tool known as a “pig foot” following a dispute with another man. Radgman, 58, was later held for the murder.

Lawyers for the accused included Kern Edwards and Lenon Grant.

Prosecuting attorneys for the State included Daniel Thompson and Kadissa Sinanan.


Trinidad and Tobago Special Olympics athlete Sean Gibson, 34, has been found dead. Police suspect he was murdered. His body was discovered at the back of a Woodland vegetable stall along M2 Link Road on Saturday morning by the owner of the stall who came to set up his place for business at 8.10 a.m. He called the police.