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Today is World Snake Day.

And the Emperor Valley Zoo in Port of Spain is reminding citizens to call its rescue hotline, 800-4ZOO, to report any snake encounters.

This is part of the zoo’s Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release Programme.

In a Facebook post, zoo officials stated that the number of calls to retrieve and relocate local species of snakes has been increasing.

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Four macajuel or boa constrictor snakes, the largest measuring ten feet long, were rescued by zoo officials in the past week.

The reptiles will be rehabilitated and released into non-populated areas, the zoo stated.

“Such rehabilitation includes dipping the snakes in a cypertic mixture to remove any external parasites; feeding if the snake is observed to be in need of a meal; and, lastly, a vet check-up to ensure that the snake is in optimal health for release,” it added.


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