Tricia King

‘SOCIETY LACKING EMPATHY’: Tricia King holds her son Yohan in a family portrait with her daughter Desi and husband Ian at left.

In 2011 the national census showed that 3,302 children in Trinidad and Tobago were living with disabilities of different types and strengths.

Eight years on, and the reality of this growing figure has presented thousands of parents with the question, “How do I protect my child against something I cannot change?”

This is the third in a ten-part series by Express journalist Khamarie Rodriguez, exploring the triumphs and tragedies of those living with or caring for those with special needs in Trinidad and Tobago.

ONE January morning in 2002, Tricia entered her local hospital, eyes wide, heart racing and very pregnant.

Although she was sent back home several times before, Tricia returned to relieve an unbearable pain she could no longer ignore.