Tranquility Govt

The Tranquility Government Primary School. Source: Reynald Associates Ltd

Threats have been made on the life of the teacher whose voice was heard in a recording abusing her pupils at Tranquillity Government Primary School, Port of Spain.

The teacher is not a Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) member.

Education Minister Anthony Garcia said on Tuesday “in a matter of a day or two, the Teaching Service Commission is expected to issue the teacher a ‘cease to report for duty letter’.”

Pressed for an update yesterday, Garcia said, “I am on a Cabinet retreat.”

Meanwhile, the primary school was forced to defer its scheduled interfaith service for today, as there was not enough time to contact the pastors because of the incident.

The school has 443 pupils and 25 academic staff members.

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Asked about the teacher, an official said she is scared for her life.

“She is receiving a lot of death threats. People have tapped into her Facebook account. They are saying they are coming for her and her son.

“She has been at the school for two years. They have been transferring her from school to school. Again she had posed challenges to the administration because of her behaviour. The staff would have complained to the principal but it would have been at the level of the school. Since she is not a TTUTA member, she would have been on her own. Maybe that’s why she said she had court clothes. TTUTA would not go any further in its investigation.”


AFTER eight years in the courts, the board of State-owned Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company Ltd (e TecK) has decided to discontinue its negligence matter against its former board which was led then by Prof Kenneth Julien. E TecK, the Sunday Express understands, opted not to continue with the trial “based on legal advice” it obtained from attorney James Guthrie QC.

IF you’re not legally married to the man or woman you live with, you won’t be invited to bring along a guest to functions hosted by the Office of the President. That also effectively rules out having your girlfriend or boyfriend accompany you.

TOO much pressure is being placed on children to succeed academically and not enough focus is being placed on equipping them with life skills. This is according to Jamaican professor and psychiatrist Dr Wendel Abel, who pointed to exams like the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) as a contributor to stress, depression and other mental issues among young people.

FOSTER care is not adoption. This is a misconception the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago wants to clear up. During this month, the Authority has embarked on its annual foster care recruitment campaign to raise the profile of fostering.