Kendall Walkes

A MULTI-MILLION dollar payout has been awarded to Kendal Walkes, former technical director of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) in a breach of contract lawsuit he had filed against the local footballing body.

Walkes was awarded approximately TT$5.5 million by Justice Joan Charles at the Port of Spain High Court on Friday when she delivered judgment in his favour after he was terminated from the position in March 2016, just one year after he entered into a three-year contract.

In her ruling, Justice Charles said it was clear based on the evidence presented that a valid contract had been in existence between Walkes and the TTFA when he was fired from the position.

“I had no problems in finding that a valid contract existed,” she said, adding that she “found it surprising that the defendant would have disputed the validity of the contract.”

Justice Charles said she found that Walkes was entitled to receive US$65,000 that was being owed to him during the one-year period before the contract was terminated.

Additionally, the judge said the TTFA was required to pay Walkes US$250,000 for the period between April 2016 and March 2018, when the contract would have officially expired.

Further to that, Justice Charles ruled that Walkes had the option to extend the contract for another three-year term. Given this, the judge said he was entitled to compensation for that additional three years in the sum of US$468,000.

Walkes’ package was US$10,000 per month and a US$3,000 housing allowance. The grand total awarded was US$783,000 or approximately TT$5.5 million.

Justice Charles said she found that the grounds that were raised by the TTFA were flawed and lacked merit.