Saddam Hosein

request for relocation: United National Congress Senator Saddam Hosein and the party’s Enterprise South/Longdenville North candidate Whitney Stevenson-Hamlet at the Chaguanas South Secondary School polling station in Montrose, Chaguanas, on Monday.

United National Congress (UNC) councillor Whitney Stevenson-Hamlet, whose home was destroyed by fire on Monday, may get relocated to another Housing Development Corporation (HDC) house right in her area in Oasis Gardens, Egypt Village, Endeavour.

That is if Housing Minister Edmund Dillon responds favourably to a letter sent to him by Chaguanas East MP Fazal Karim.

Karim made the request to Dillon on behalf of Stevenson-Hamlet, asking him to deal with her case as a “matter of urgency”.

“She’s in my constituency,” he said.

On Monday afternoon, mere hours before she was announced as the victorious candidate in Enterprise South/Longdenville North in the 2019 local government election, edging out the People’s National Movement’s (PNM) longstanding councillor, Ronald Heera, by three votes, Stevenson-Hamlet got news that her HDC townhouse in Rhone Crescent was on fire.

The entire upstairs part of the house was destroyed as well as all her family’s possessions, worth more than $250,000.

The mother of four--a 15-year old, 12-year old twins, and a ten-year old--said she was devastated and bawled and cried.

She told the Express yesterday she had got no further word on the investigation into the fire.

“They just have me listed as a victim of fire, so far,” she said.

Stevenson-Hamlet, who was given temporary accommodation by the UNC, said she managed to send off three of her children to school yesterday.

Karim said his party has also been assisting her with school supplies for the children and has been doing everything possible to help her get back on her feet.

After the tragic incident on Monday, Stevenson-Hamlet found the courage to make her way to the UNC’s office in Couva South to join in celebrating her party’s results in the election.

The UNC tied 7-7 with the PNM, wresting the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation and other seats from the ruling party.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar held Stevenson-Hamlet’s hand as she walked on stage with her and other winning councillors.

Stevenson-Hamlet, standing next to Persad-Bissessar, smiled and clapped with the crowd as the victorious candidates were announced.

The UNC also grabbed Enterprise North/Esmeralda from the PNM’s three-time councillor, Lisa Holder, moving the Chaguanas Borough Corporation from 5-3 in favour of the UNC to 7-1.


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