Dr Keith Rowley-USE

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley

United National Congress (UNC) women are demanding an apology from Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley for his “disrespectful” attacks on Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

The party took issue with Rowley attributing Persad-Bissessar’s silence on the Marlene McDonald tipping-off issue to a disease commonly found in fowls called “pip”.

“The UNC National Women’s Arm strongly condemns these vicious attacks on our political leader, Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

“We call on the PNM Women’s League to be your sister’s keeper and to stand against the constant displays of sexism from your leader.

“Prime Minister Keith Rowley must apologise immediately. The women of Trinidad and Tobago will not sit idly by, we demand and deserve respect!” stated a release.

The Women’s Arm stated the Prime Minister has once again shown Trinidad and Tobago why he is not fit to lead as it knocked Rowley’s “rant”, adding that he has “dismissed critical issues of blatant Government corruption and incompetence and resorted to his now familiar crass misogyny”.

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The UNC stated this is the latest in a series of “sordid” comments from the Prime Minister.

“We would recall in response to rising food prices under his Government, the Prime Minister’s solution was that women should learn how to ‘peel cassava’; he referred to our children as hyenas and monsters; in response to high levels of crime he told women he is not in our bedrooms and we should choose our men wisely; he showed us his listening skills when he said, ‘She could bark at meh dog, because I go ignore she cat’. We all remember his ‘jammetry’ comments and disgusting comparison of women to golf courses. This pattern of blatant disrespect is clear,” stated the Women’s Arm.

“What does it say about a country when its Prime Minister gives voice to the ugliest forms of sexism? What does it say about us as a progressive society that our “leader” can time and time again resort to this kind of rhetoric while we look on in silent horror?” it added.


THERE are no criteria for the opening of rehabilitation centres in Trinidad and Tobago. This was pointed out by Prof Gerard Hutchinson, head of psychiatry of The University of the West Indies, in an interview with the Express last Friday.

Former judges have begun to ­receive their enhanced pensions. But former ministers are still waiting on theirs. Former judges, including former chief justices, began to receive their increased pensions in their bank accounts late last week. The amounts paid were arrears which dated from June 25, when the measure was passed in the Parliament.

Four suspects are in custody following the brutal murder of a 19-year-old in Carapo on ­Saturday night. This killing, along with the murder of Bryan Felix and Alim Khan, who left their homes to cut logs (see story at right), on Saturday night have pushed the murder toll to 421.

A tropical wave is passing over Trinidad and Tobago tonight and it will result in partly cloudy to cloudy conditions and scattered showers and the medium to high chance of isolated thundershowers. Gusty winds, street and flash flooding may occur. This was the forecast for today given by Piarco duty meteorologist Paula Wellington yesterday.

Police are trying to determine a motive for the killing of two men who left their homes to cut logs on Saturday night. The deceased have been identified as Bryan Felix, 40, and Alim Khan, 50.