Mala Mohammed

UNANIMOUS: Mala Mohammed,

wife of former supermarket owner

“Uncle Khalid”.

ON the evening of May 10, 2004, Mala Mohammed, wife of former supermarket owner Khalid “Uncle Khalid” Mohammed, had just driven into the garage of her Princes Town home when she was confronted by two men.

She begged for her life, and even offered to hand over all the money she had at the time.

That offer was not accepted.

It did not stop her killers.

She was shot twice to the head and left bleeding on the garage floor where she eventually died.

Now, more than 15 years after that incident, two men are on trial before a 12-member jury at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain.

Yesterday, the State opened its case against Sheldon Reed, of Howard Street, Five Rivers, and Dane Swann, of Bertie Street, Arouca, for the capital offence before Justice Maria Wilson.

The two were arrested in February 2005 in Tunapuna and allegedly confessed to carrying out the crime, according to the State’s case.

Senior State prosecutor Joy Balkaran addressed members of the jury during the hearing, outlining the evidence that the prosecution expects to lead in the trial.

Balkaran said Mohammed had just returned to her Edward Street, Princes Town, home.

Upon her arrival, the family’s watchman opened the gate to the garage after which Mohammed reversed and parked her car.

Seconds later, Balkaran said Reed and Swann entered the garage.

One of them restrained the watchman while the other shot the woman twice to the head before running off.

The family’s maid, who was in the house at the time, heard and saw the commotion before hiding below a pool table, said Balkaran.

“Mala Mohammed begged them not to kill her. She said ‘doh kill meh, I will give you all the money’,” said the attorney.

But the men committed the act, she said.

Balkaran said nine months after the murder, Reed and Swann were taken into custody and questioned separately at San Fernando Police Station, where they both admitted to being at the scene on the day of the killing.

However, they both said their only role was to restrain the watchman.

At the hearing, formal admissions (agreed facts) were also tendered into evidence.

Those pieces of evidence belonged to Mohammed’s nephew Rishi Ramkissoon, her brother Pradeep Pooran and police Cpl Lester McIntosh.

Pooran stated that Mohammed had been married to Khalid Mohammed for about 18 years.

He said the couple had a good relationship until about approximately one year before Mala Mohammed was shot and killed.

The trial will resume on Monday when the State is expected to call its first witness.