The US Embassy in Port of Spain

As of October 1, the U.S. Embassy Port of Spain will restrict items that people can bring into the Embassy, in order to speed security checks and reduce time spent in lines.

In a statement, the Embassy advised that he prohibited items be left at home or that the owner make arrangements for storage before arrival.

“The Embassy has no capacity to store these items. Those arriving with a prohibited item will be turned away and asked to make a new appointment. The new security guidelines will increase the speed of our screening process and result in shorter wait times.”

The following items are prohibited at the U.S. Embassy:

• Weapons of any type and sharp objects such as scissors, penknives, or nail files. • Bags, including purses, backpacks, brief cases, diaper bags, and luggage.

• Battery-operated or electronic devices such as cellphones, cameras, laptops, iPads, thumb drives, digital diaries, smart watches, pagers, cameras, audio/video cassettes, compact discs, MP3s, floppy disks, or portable music players. • Liquids and food items (with the exception of baby formula). • Cigarettes, cigars, matchboxes, lighters.

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This list is not exhaustive. Other items may be prohibited at the discretion of security staff. The following items are allowed at the U.S. Embassy:

• One small, clear plastic Ziploc-like bag (standard, not freezer, size) or a clear plastic folder with your documents (no larger than 10” x 10”). • Umbrella


THERE are no criteria for the opening of rehabilitation centres in Trinidad and Tobago. This was pointed out by Prof Gerard Hutchinson, head of psychiatry of The University of the West Indies, in an interview with the Express last Friday.

Former judges have begun to ­receive their enhanced pensions. But former ministers are still waiting on theirs. Former judges, including former chief justices, began to receive their increased pensions in their bank accounts late last week. The amounts paid were arrears which dated from June 25, when the measure was passed in the Parliament.

Four suspects are in custody following the brutal murder of a 19-year-old in Carapo on ­Saturday night. This killing, along with the murder of Bryan Felix and Alim Khan, who left their homes to cut logs (see story at right), on Saturday night have pushed the murder toll to 421.

A tropical wave is passing over Trinidad and Tobago tonight and it will result in partly cloudy to cloudy conditions and scattered showers and the medium to high chance of isolated thundershowers. Gusty winds, street and flash flooding may occur. This was the forecast for today given by Piarco duty meteorologist Paula Wellington yesterday.

Police are trying to determine a motive for the killing of two men who left their homes to cut logs on Saturday night. The deceased have been identified as Bryan Felix, 40, and Alim Khan, 50.