A RANSOM of $2.4 million in cocaine has been demanded for the release of a kidnapped Venezuelan couple.

Rubensen Espinoza, 23, and his girlfriend Betzabett Guitte, were kidnapped for six kilogrammes of cocaine on Saturday.

San Fernando police were informed of the couple’s captivity by the landlord of their apartment at Palmyra Village, San Fernando.

The Anti Kidnapping Unit is not involved and officers were told by another Venezuelan man that the couple is being held hostage until a quantity of narcotics is delivered.

A police report stated that at around 11 a.m. the landlord saw Espinoza leaving the apartment.

Espinoza told the landlord that he and Guitte were headed to San Fernando.

The landlord reported that at around 2.30 p.m. Espinoza contacted him and said he was at a food outlet at Library Corner, and asked him to meet him at King’s Wharf.

The landlord said he went to the area but the couple did not turn up.

He told police that another Venezuelan man contacted him and told him that he received a phone call and was told the couple will be released if six kilogrammes of cocaine was delivered to the kidnappers.

Police said they were given a description of the couple and the clothes they were last seen wearing.

Espinoza is approximately 170 centimetres (five feet six inches) tall, and wore an orange three quarter pants, and a black and white tee shirt.

Guitte is approximately 167 centimetres tall (five feet five inches) tall, light brown complexion, and long hair.

She wore a pair of blue jeans and grey sneakers.

Anyone with information can contact 999, or 555, or San Fernando CID at 652 2564, or the nearest police station.


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