Police have rescued a 17-year-old Venezuelan national who was abducted and being kept in a house in exchange for drugs.

The victim told police that she lives in Longdenville.

She said that at about 6p.m. on Saturday, she had been taken away from her home in a green Nissan vehicle driven by a ‘Rastaman’.

Also in the car were two Venezuelan men and another unknown man.

The men were speaking about marijuana, and police were told that it was agreed that the 17-year-old would be used as ‘collateral’ as a guarantee that the drugs would be delivered.

She was taken to a house at St Ann’s, Port of Spain and left there.

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After more than 12 hours had passed without word from the parties involved, the teenager, fearful for her life, and called for assistance.

At about 11.30a.m. on Sunday, the officers went to a home along Symond Road, St Ann’s, and found the girl.

Four men found at the house were detained. One is a US citizen, who has an address in Las Cuevas, the Express was told.


Public Services Association (PSA) president Watson Duke is facing one charge under the Sedition Act. The charge was read to Duke last night at the Central Police Station, St Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

Former Strategic Services Agency (SSA) intelligence director Carlton Dennie is sticking to his claim that there were orders from the top to fire all East Indians from the agency.

PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley is now seeking legal advice as to whether former Strategic Services Agency (SSA) director of Intelligence, Carlton Dennie broke any vows of secrecy to the organisation when he claimed on Monday to have been ordered to fire employees of East Indian descent.

BANDITS stormed a KFC outlet in Westmoorings yesterday, robbing staff and patrons months after a man was shot and killed in the ­outlet’s car park.