Government Minister Cherrie-­Ann Crichlow-Cockburn

Government Minister Cherrie-­Ann Crichlow-Cockburn said yes­ter­­day the Social Development Ministry removed 36 persons from the Transformed Life Ministry four years ago in 2015 after finding substandard conditions, but had no authority to shut down its operations.

The Social Development minister said the rehabilitation centre received Government subventions for its operations, which was stopped in 2015.

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“When we came into office (in 2015) and we visited that facility and we saw some of the conditions, we would have expressed some concerns to the owner and we would have made request for improvement.

“It did not happen so we would have removed all our clients that we had there and placed them at New Horizon, over which we have control, because most of the persons who are housed there are persons with mental illness, so we severed ties with that organisations in late 2015, early 2016,” the minister said in an interview with i95fm.