Welcome to the new millennium

MAS designers: The Norman twins, Karen, left, and Kathy just before the launch. —Photo: CURTIS CHASE

K2K Alliance and Partners launched its 2015 Carnival presentation M3 Millennia IIIThe Long Walk from Home at the Radisson Hotel Ballroom on Republic Day, September 24.

The highly anticipated collection was revealed to an audience hungry for the creative genius of designers Karen and Kathy Norman and it must be said, You either like them or you dont, there is no room for doubt.

The sisters will take masqueraders out to space in a world where fashion meets mas with designs that are contemporary, edgy and fashion forward. The costumes represent the future while possessing the tradition of mas design. More than that, what the Norman twins have done is to make mas personal to each masquerader.

According to the designers this one is about personal challenges, Ours and the masqueraders. After The Waters (2012), The Human Race (2013) and The Rise of Sanctuary (2014), we have gone beyond earth to define our future.

The story board of Millennia III is simple and straightforward; the past is what it is good and bad.

The good parts are just thatgoodbecause it acts as a reminder of the good times. Good, because it provides the hope that you will give and receive another smile from a stranger, another hug from a loved one. Good, because it gives the promise that another good is coming in the near or far future.

When it comes to bad, they are also good because you can trust that the memory cant get any worse or any more tragic. Good, because you will never have to do a repeat. Good, because a lesson was learnt.

The past is what it isit is safejust as the word suggest pass, historic, written and unchanging.

The future on the other hand holds evolutionary possibilities. Possibilities to correct a wrong, possibilities to do right, possibilities to become better, bigger and so much better than you or anyone ever thought that you could be.

So while the past marks history, it is important not to let it rule you. Instead you should be cognizant of the past but act in the present with thoughts of the future.

Do not allow fear of the future to bind you. Adapt, be open to possibilities and welcome the destiny that awaits you.

Simply put, your future depends on your outlook of your life changing experiences.

Again the Norman twins have shown that people will pay to see a good show. The launch cost patrons $200 and placed them right in the middle of a NASA Command Centre with the occasional reports coming in from out of space while viewing the astronauts.

Millennia 111 has five sections Finding Venus (Discovering Love), Challenging Mars (Challenging the status quo), Drifting on the Rings of Saturn (Caught at the Crossroads), Containing Mercury (Confronting ones fear) and Surrendering to Neptune (Accepting Change).

Carnival Monday will see modern-day astronauts in white.

The launch also featured a sneak peek into K2Ks audio book which is soon to be released. The narration was enhanced by a group of hearing impaired individuals; showing the audience that the theme for 2015 was universal. It does not matter if you are disadvantaged, black, white or mixed, your future is not dictated by others or challenges.


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