Naiee Singh

Killed: Naiee Singh

A RELATIVE of Roger Singh claimed yesterday that he was never a violent person but on the day he shot dead his estranged wife Naiee Singh he may have “tripped off”.

The tragedy occurred on Monday morning outside the woman’s workplace, Venture Credit Union, Southern Main Road, Couva.

The Express yesterday interviewed a relative of 31-year-old Singh at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, where the bodies of the couple had been taken on Monday afternoon to be examined.

Due to the large number of bodies at Forensics on Monday, Singh’s autopsy took place yesterday.

It concluded that he died as a result of a single bullet to the head while Naiee died as a result of two bullets to her head.

One of Singh’s co-workers who witnessed the murder-suicide around 7.56 a.m. told police he was seated in his car after driving into the credit union’s car park opposite the company’s office building. He said he saw when Naiee parked her car and as she got out she was ambushed by her estranged husband.

The co-worker said he heard screams and as he looked through his rear window he saw Singh with a gun, “scrambling” with Naiee.

He said while getting out his car he heard two gunshots and saw his co-worker on the ground and her husband standing over her.

He ran from the scene to get help, heard two more gunshots and then saw the man on the ground near his wife.

Naiee had obtained a restraining order against her husband one week earlier.

The estranged couple, who had been married for at least ten years, died on the street.

Singh, of Balmain, was a father of one, who was employed as a lecturer at the National Energy Skills Centre.

At the Forensic Science Centre yesterday, relatives showed videos and photos of the couple liming.

A relative said the lime took place a few months ago and they could not understand why she left their home.

“Listen. What he did was unacceptable and there is no excuse for that and we are saying sorry on his behalf to her family,” he said.

He added however: “But they were happy up until before she left.”

He said when Naiee left “he begged that he would change but her family never bothered to sit down and discuss what was going on and all you were hearing is Roger this, Roger that and right now the only thing our family is asking is why”.

“He never lived violently. He always abided by the law and we are surprised that he got a gun,” he said.

“Everyone handles things differently. I am not making light of what happened but was he a violent person? No. He tripped one morning,” he said.

Meanwhile, police suspect Roger Singh used an illegal firearm to kill his estranged wife then himself on Monday.

The .38 revolver was found by police near Singh’s body in the car park.

A senior officer in the Central Police Division said officers are attempting to trace the serial numbers on the firearm.

—With reporting by

Susan Mohammed


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