Ricky and Gertrude Mohammed

GERTRUDE MOHAMMED is at the intensive care unit of the San Fernando General Hospital after she was shot five times as she and her husband, Ricky Mohammed, returned from their garden on Friday morning.

Ricky Mohammed, 53, was shot in the head and died at the scene.

Gertrude Mohammed, 55, who had bullet wounds to her neck and and chest, underwent emergency surgery. She yesterday remained at the hospital’s ICU.

One of the bullets was still lodged in her stomach and one of her lungs was badly damaged, her niece Kareema Oudit told the Express. Mohammed is on a ventilator and in a serious condition but, Oudit said, she continues to fight for her life.

They yesterday prayed for her recovery.

The Mohammeds were driving out of the garden at Jagroop Trace, Penal Rock Road, after harvesting corn. They were heading to their Ribero Trace home, a short distance away, to share the produce with relatives and friends.

They met tyres across the road and when Ricky Mohammed stopped the vehicle, a gun man approached and shot him in the head.

After she was shot, Gertrude called her daughter at 9.40 a.m. and niece minutes later and told them to contact the police.

A relative said the couple had received death threats over occupation of the land they had planted.

Family members gave officers from Homicide Region III statements yesterday.

Police continue to search for a man they believe can assist with the investigation.

An autopsy is expected to be done on Ricky Mohammed on Monday.