T&T Express breaks down again: Sailing cancelled


A 43-year-old man has been detained for questioning on allegations of wasting police time.

The suspect, who hails from Tunapuna, was held on Thursday by officers of the Northern Division, with assistance from officers of the Tobago Division , who are conducting inquiries into a bomb threat which was called into the Port of Scarborough on Monday.

The suspect, The Express was told, is a party promoter.

His phone has been seized and is expected to be reviewed by officials from the Cyber Crime Unit.

The suspect has denied calling in any threats, sources said.

Instead, he claimed to have called the port in an attempt to change his ticket.

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The Express was told that the suspect had an altercation with his wife, prior to the call being made.

On Monday, at about 5a.m., port officials received a call of a threat while the vessel was loading.

In keeping with procedures the police were notified and searches were conducted to ensure that there were no explosive devices on board.

This resulted in a delay of the 6.30a.m sailing from the port that day, inconveniencing many.


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