Women murdered in 2020

Out of the 38 reported homicides for 2020, four have been women.

And all four women were victims of domestic violence.

Two of the victims, Gabriella Dubarry and Naiee Singh, were shot dead.

Jezelle Phillip-Fournillier was stabbed to death, while Polly Ann Chuniesingh was strangled.

The one difference in all four cases, however, is that they have all been solved.

In the first three reports, suspects have been held and are before the courts.

Singh was killed by her estranged husband, Roger Singh, who then turned the gun on himself.


• January 6. Manual strangulation. Polly Ann Chuniesingh, 31. Found dead along with two other relatives at Get Well Avenue, Pinto Road, Arima.

• January 6. Jezelle Phillip-Fournillier, 48, school teacher, stabbed to death outside a daycare along George Street, PoS.

• January 9. Gabriella Dubarry, 28, shot dead in the bedroom of her home at Jebodsingh Drive, Avocat, Fyzabad.

• January 27. Naiee Singh, 31, shot dead in car park of Venture Credit Union in Couva.


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