A San Juan man is being accused of sexual misconduct by several women on social media.

The women claimed that the man offered to take them home after liming with friends. He would then make sexual advances and, in one case, attempted to strangle the woman.

One of the women posted her experience social media, prompting several other women to share their stories.

The young lady wrote that she met the man while out one evening and he offered her a ride home. He then changed his offer to lure her into his home.

“He told me I wanted to go home by him. (Which was a lie) I ended up agreeing to spend one hour at his place because he needed to sleep to go for work," she said.

The woman claimed that while at his house, he proceeded to make sexual advances on her.

”He hugged me uncomfortably tight while pressing his head against mines and started breathing heavy again. I got fed up and we started arguing again when I told him - I felt uncomfortable around him," she wrote.

The woman said the man then proceeded to attack her, sitting on top of her torso and strangling her.

In the light of the survivor’s post, other women came forward to share similar experiences with the same man.

One woman recounted going out to drinks with him after which she started feeling unusually tired. After passing out in his vehicle, she claimed to wake up in his bed where he started to pursue her sexually. She stated that she refused his offers and again went unconscious. She said she awoke the next morning in her underwear.

Another woman recalled a similar experience where the man offered her a ride home after drinks but instead took her to his house. While at his house she fell asleep after refusing his advances and woke up with no memory of what happened.

One of the victims said she attempted to file a police report against the suspect.

The Express has reached out to the women to find out if police action is being taken.

An attempt is also being made to contact the man, a Ministry of National Security employee.