Missing: Yohan Chin

JAMAICAN High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, Arthur Williams, has praised Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith for his “professionalism” in dealing with the kidnapping of Jamaican businessman Yohan Chin.

Chin was kidnapped in Trinidad on April 14 and released 51 days later on June 4.

Chin’s fam­i­ly owns a chain of busi­ness­es in Ja­maica and Cana­da. A US$6 mil­li­on ran­som was de­mand­ed for his safe re­turn.

In a statement yesterday, Williams said throughout the 51 days, he was briefed almost daily by Griffith and his team and he was confident of a positiveoutcome.

However he blasted the media which he said had reported negative and false information on many occasions.

“In sensitive matters such as a kidnapping, while the public has a right to information, there must be the exercise of responsible journalism in terms of what is published,” Williams said.

He said one news outlet had reported a story captioned “Hopes fade for Chin” in which it was said that “it has been close to a month since the family and friends of Chin have received proof that he is alive”.

Williams said it was the very day before the publication that Chin had spoken to his family and friends and Chin had also communicated with them on three occasions in the 10 days prior to the publication.

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Williams said he also is pleased by Griffith’s statements at a press conference on Thursday, that there is absolutely no evidence of Chin’s involvement in any illegal activity.

News reports had claimed that Chin’s abduction was linked to the the narcotics empire of slain Central businessman Sheldon Sukhdeo.

Police say Chin’s relatives paid an undisclosed sum of money to secure his release. Chin is said to be “in good health”.