Thirty-eight-year-old Arima resident Allan Stoute was fatally shot by a close relative yesterday in front of three of his five children and wife.

His last words were: “...You shot me?”

He then fell to the ground, holding his abdomen.

His wife Tiffany Khan ran to his side, leaving their three children in the gallery looking on, as the relative stood next to the dying man.

The man was taken to the Arima Hospital, where he died while undergoing treatment.

Police said the relative was taken into custody and was being questioned by the Homicide Bureau up to last night.

His weapon was seized, along with his firearm’s user licence (FUL).

He told police that the two were having an argument when the incident occurred. He said Stoute went to his van and secured a cutlass and, fearful for his life, he took out his licensed weapon and warned the younger man about approaching him.

However, Stoute disregarded the warning and he shot at him.

Stoute was hit twice, and he dropped the cutlass.

However, Stoute’s wife told a different story.

“I was sleeping, when I woke up to the two of them arguing. He (Stoute) was on his way to work in WASA and like they meet up in the yard and they began to argue.

“They were arguing over a water tank I bought and wanted to install yesterday in the back of the house. Like his (relative) didn’t want it there, and they were arguing about it, because I needed the tank for the little business I have at the house.

“I try to sell a few goods outside, so I need water to keep things clean and whatnot.

“But they got into it. They were yelling and screaming. I walked outside and I told Allan to forget about it, just go to work. Doh beat up. He tell me he going to the police cause his (relative) threaten to shoot him. That’s when I look down and I saw the gun in (name called) hand. It was in the case at the time. Allan walk to the van, but then he came back the (relative) crack the gun, all I heard was ‘clack-clack’ and then he shot my husband,” Khan said.

She said her husband asked the relative if he had shot him and then fell to the ground.

She left her children who were standing on a couch in the gallery watching what was happening and ran to his side.

“They say he died at hospital. But I felt him die in the yard there. He was holding my hand and then he just...let go,” Khan said, with tears in her eyes.

‘This is a monster’

The grieving mother of five said Stoute and the relative always had disagreements, especially over her and her presence in the family’s home. However, she said she never expected it to reach this far.

She asked what kind of man would kill his own blood relative in front of the children. “That is not a man, that is a monster,” Khan said.

She said the Police Service needed to exercise better consideration and offer mandatory training for those who are the holders of FULs.

“He could have shot him on his foot, his arm, anything. It’s not like Allan was far. But no. He went straight for the stomach and he was shot twice. Not everyone who asks for an FUL deserves one. And there needs to be something better to keep track of those who do have one.

“Because what happens now? My husband is gone. The man who was the breadwinner of this family. And now I have five young children to raise all by myself. What am I going to do now? I don’t know what to do,” Khan said.

Police sources told the Express the incident was captured on CCTV, and that this footage had been secured by investigators.

It is expected to be reviewed today, following which a determination will be made on if to class the incident as a murder or a homicide.


ALL 250 people detained early yesterday morning at a “zesser party” in Caroni will be charged.

This is the assurance of Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

He told the Express he had given directives that everyone held at the event be charged under Paragraph 4(d) of the Public Heath coronavirus legislation.

While some are expected to appear before a Chaguanas magistrate today for the offence, others will face charges via summons as names and addresses of everyone who attended the event were obtained by police.

AYANNA PAUL, a 30-year-old unemployed mother of seven, wants to help her children to find a future of hope, even in poverty.

But Paul and her partner cannot afford this on only his earnings as a market vendor.

Pointe-a-Pierre MP David Lee, Chief Whip for the United National Congress (UNC), is maintaining his position that the statistics do not support the continuation of the anti-gang legislation.

Lee was speaking during a news conference at the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, at Charles Street, Port of Spain.