Elias Dabbourah

Killed: Elias Dabbourah

Gyro King manager, Elias Dabbourah, who was shot in the head during an attempted robbery last week fought to stay alive, relatives said.

Dabbourah, 30, remained in the Intensive Care Unit at the Scarborough General Hospital for six days before he passed away last Saturday.

His brother, Thair Hourani, posted an emotional message to social media at the weekend.

Hourani said killers came to steal money from his brother but left empty handed.

“Elias fought for his life for 6 days. And we weren’t even given hope for 1 day.. you was a true warrior my brother you fought.. but God was ready for his Gift...,” he wrote.

Dabbourah and another employee had closed the gyro stall near Republic Bank, Crown Point, and were offloading equipment at the Crown Point Plaza when three men approached them.

Dabbourah was shot in the head. His co-worker was not injured.

Hourani said, “And you took his wife happiness with you. And his mother and father and family and his friends happiness.. you took all of our joy with that bullet that you left behind.... you left a huge wound in our hearts. You brought tears to our eyes. You gave us sleepless nights.. you left us heart broken. You left us with anger.. you took our sweet heart. Our caring. Loving. Gentle. Appreciative. Protecter. Provider. Hard working. Honest. Friendly. Beautiful soul.. we have lost him.. .. ohhh God.. father... let Elias soul Rest in Peace... i know you are welcoming him with opens arms.. take good care of our beloved Elias God.. Rest in Peace habibi (love).”

Dabbourah’s family is now pleading for justice.

Police confirmed that a teenager was detained in connection with the crime.

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Dabbourah’s wife, Sally Hourani, 25, was at his side when he passed, relatives said. The Express was told that she was traumatised by his death.

His parents, who live in Syria, are making arrangements to travel to Trinidad.

Dabbourah migrated to Trinidad and Tobago 12 years ago seeking a better life. He moved to Tobago five years ago.

He will be laid to rest in Tobago.


One man is dead following a confrontation with police yesterday evening. While up to press time last night details were still coming in, the Express was reliably informed that the incident took place at about 5 p.m. at Maturita Extension, Arima.