South oropouche

The flooded South Oropouche lagoon

FLOOD victims should be asked why they built their homes in flood-prone areas.

So said National Security Minister Stuart Young yesterday at the post-Cabinet news conference at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s.

He said people were saying come and see the damage they suffered from flooding days ago but he questioned if these people were asked, “Why did you build in an area that is a natural pond? Why did you build in an area where there is perennial flooding every year and sometimes more than once a year?”

Young said there were provisions in law under the purview of Town and Country Planning and the Commissioner of State Lands for people to “cease and desist” with respect to constructing in flood-prone areas but it was “not an easy thing”.

He said the structures at present were all permanent and therefore “you can’t just send in the authorities there because the law does provide to remove people’s structures”.

Young said sending bulldozers into these areas was not an option and therefore the Government was trying to prevent the flooding even though “it is going to happen”.


A NUMBER of Unipet gas stations ran out of fuel yesterday after State company Paria Fuel Trading cut its supply on Tuesday for an outstanding $100 million bill.