Prophet Benjamin being treated for the cat bite

The cat bite injury sustained by the entertainer, Devon Samuel better known as Prophet Benjamin, has raised questions over how serious the injury could become.

Videos have appeared on social media showing Samuel explaining his situation by saying, “Really and truly dem cat does really be interfering with people ting. Yuh know I ketch the cat in the corner and next ting yuh know the cat fly up and bite me. On top of that - like it bite a vein. The doctors say it’s a serious ting.”

He then attempts to confront the cat’s owner, who offended by his remarks, throws water at him.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Samuel wrote that his injury was serious enough for him to leave the country over the weekend to pursue medical treatment.

Former Minister of Social Development and Veterinarian, Dr. Glen Ramadharsingh, told the Express on Monday that such injuries can indeed be very dangerous to those who endure them.

“If cat fang enters a finger joint, it can result in catastrophic complications since bacterial infection is deep seated and antibiotic penetration becomes difficult especially when treatment is delayed and inflammation sets in, you can lose the use of the joint.”

“When persons are diabetic or have cardiovascular conditions huge amounts of blood can be lost and serious medical crisis can erupt in a few seconds that is difficult to manage without proper medical supervision.” he said.

He said there are multiple conditions that can arise from such injuries such as cat scratch disease, a bacterial disease often carried in the mouth of a cat, hookworm, Ancylostoma tubaeforme, Ancylostoma braziliense and rabies to name a few.

“The diagnosis is aided by obtaining a history of the circumstances surrounding the bite. The time the bite was experienced, the location of the bite, and examination of the bite is noted. The person may have drainage from the site of the bite.”

“They may also be febrile, and swelling around the wound may occur. Because the wound from the bite may heal too quickly over the punctures, it may need to be opened and explored. Hydrogen peroxide may be used at home to reopen the wound, with pressure being applied around the wound to drain any abscesses. For deep wounds, this process may need to be repeated.” he said.

He noted however that to his knowledge, these issues can be treated in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Most conditions that can develop can be treated in Trinidad and Tobago as far as I know but with uncommon diseases and emerging ones exceptions can occur.” He said.


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