Morvant fire station

The Morvant Fire Station. Source:

The lack of appliances at the Morvant Fire Station is a cause of concern for fire officers as it severely limits their ability to respond, and potentially puts the public in grave danger.

This, as it was described by some, was a “powder keg waiting to explode” as this limitation could potentially result in serious damages, injuries, or even loss of life in the wrong circumstances.

Speaking with The Express yesterday, President of the Fire Services Association Leo Ramkissoon noted that the appliance which was usually assigned to the Morvant fire station, was currently operating in Sangre Grande.

This was because that station was also without an appliance and covered larger ground.

It was hoped that until the situation could be rectified that appliances from the Wrightson Road Head Quarters and the San Juan fire station, would be able to cover the Morvant district.

Ramkissoon said this shortage of appliances in the organization was not a new phenomena, but one which needed to be addressed soon as it continued to put not just fire officers at risk, but the public at large.

“The public will continue to be at risk in the present state of appliances in the service because several fire stations are not assigned any appliances/fire tenders owing to the shortage. Therefore, when the public calls for an emergency response due to fire or any other situation, tenders from far removed station grounds have to respond. And one has to hope that at the time of these calls, those stations which have their own districts to respond to, are not otherwise engaged within their own station ground. This of course severely hampers response time and ultimately leads to great risk of loss of or damage to life and/or property,” Ramkissoon said.

On Monday morning officers of the Wrightson Road HQ had to respond to a fire off the Lady Young Road, in Morvant.

No injuries were reported, however, by the time the officers arrived at the location, the one storey structure was completely destroyed, and a family of three was left homeless.

Cpl Singh of the Morvant Police Station is continuing inquiries into that incident.

It was also noted that an appliance which was involved in a vehicular accident along the Uriah Butler Highway, in the vicinity of Bejucal Road, on Sunday, was also temporarily out of commission.

In that incident, a Chevy Colorado Truck crashed into the appliance as it was parked along the roadway, responding to another accident.

Two officers, identified as FSSO Noreen Austin and FSSO Lee Jackson, suffered injuries in this incident and were taken for medical treatment.

They have since been discharged and are under observations at home for any latent symptoms.


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