Golden grove

The entrance to the Golden Grove Prison, Arouca

Arouca police are investigating a report in which a prison officer and his relatives were threatened.

The threat was made by a man who visited the officer’s uncle at his home last Tuesday.

The man, police said, was a former inmate who had recently gotten bail on allegations of firearm and ammunition possession.

He had been part of a fight at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca on October 15, between two inmates.

The fight was broken up by the prison officer, during which an inmate was injured as he was being detained.

The inmate later received bail, and it was said that last Tuesday, he made his way to the home of a relative of the prison officer and threatened the relative as well as the prison officer.

The suspect then fled the scene.

The officer was notified of the threat by his relative, and he in turn notified the police.


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