The warehouse facility

A package labeled ‘Washer and Dryer’ has turned out to be an arsenal of guns and ammunition.

On Sunday night, at around 9pm, intelligence was received by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) which suggested that a cargo containing household appliances was imported into Trinidad and the consignee on the package was identified .

Police were told the shipment was housed at Medway Ltd, a customs warehouse situated of the SMR McBean, Couva.

The items entered the country sometime around the end of February.

On April 7, the consignee appeared at the warehouse location to take delivery of the items but before the cargo was brought out for examination prior to delivery, he left the warehouse without explanation and didn’t returned.

The items were subsequently returned to storage.

The SIU acting on additional intelligence and in collaboration with the Central Gang Intelligence Team and in conjunction with the Customs and Excise Division commenced an operation to identify the items contained in the said package.

Around 7a.m on Monday, personnel from the SIU went to the Medway warehouse and opened the package.

They found the following:

1. 200rds of 7.62mm wolf performance brand.

2. 150rds of 9mm black blazer brand.

3. 20 boxes of pure hemp big bambi brand.

4. 20 boxes of wrapping paper big bambi brand.

5. 6 black 9mm ammunition drums

6. 3 black 5.56mm ammunition drums

7. 700 rds of .45 cal ammo Centerfire brand

8. 60 rds of 5.56 mm ammo. American eagle brand.

9.1 MAGPUL assault rifle with scope

10. 3 black 5.56mm magazines

11. 4 pistols each with 1 mag.

12. 2 brown coloured "rouni" attachments with scopes, which turn any pistol into an automatic firing weapon"

13. 10 boxes of .40cal ammo. 50rds per box

14. 6 .40 cal extended mags

15. 50 rds of 9mm hollow point.