AN anti-safe zone prankster caused a stir yesterday after he claimed on social media that he was able to evade the safe zone policy and enjoy a night at the movies although he is unvaccinated.

Roger Singh took to Twitter and posted a video displaying a variety of snacks at MovieTowne, saying: “When yuh know people you will never have to fight against each other. Love me or hate me peace and light.”

This caused panic on social media as many persons were afraid this could lead to another shutdown of the cinema industry, which was closed for almost six months due to Covid-19 restrictions implemented by the Government. After Singh saw people asking him to clarify his statements and questioning which MovieTowne, he then wrote an apology for his actions on Twitter.

“This video was originally taken on July 20, 2020. The video was meant to highlight times when all persons use to go to the movies. I wish to state clearly I did not go into MovieTowne. I did not breach any safe zone regulations. I also wish to apologise to those that I may have offended, those that have misconstrued any post and the MovieTowne brand,” Singh said.

MovieTowne owner Derek Chin told the Express he was pleased that better sense prevailed and that Singh apologised for his video.

“It was being investigated but when Singh apologised the matter was dropped by us.”


President Paula-Mae Weekes is maintaining she did not wilfully violate any provision of the Constitution and has not misbehaved in public office.

President Paula-Mae Weekes did not do her constitutional duty and send the Order of Merit List for Police Commissioner to the Parliament, says former police commissioner Gary Griffith.

Pure madness.

This was how Opposition Senator Jayanti Lutchmedial yesterday described the President’s disclosure that an Order of Merit List for Police Commissioner was submitted to her office and then withdrawn.

The roads that connect the rural village of St Julien are crumbling, with massive landslides, craters and potholes threatening to maroon an entire community from the rest of the country.

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