A trail of blood at the Sangre Chiquito home of pensioner Kevin Trotman led to his lifeless body on Wednesday.

Trotman, 70, appeared to have several chop wounds to the head when the body was discovered.

A police report said that around 6.30 a.m. one of Trotman’s friends went to his house and called out for him.

When the friend got no response, he became suspicious, and asked a neighbour to return with him to Trotman’s house.

Upon entering the premises, they observed a blood trail leading to the living room.

They followed the blood trail where they found Trotman lying on his back, unresponsive, near the front door.

Trotman held a bunch of keys in his right hand, and there were what appeared to be chop wounds to the head.

A report was made to the Sangre Grande Police and a party of officers under the supervision of Insp Simon responded.

Police were told that Trotman was last seen alive the previous night around 7 p.m.

Officers of Homicide Region II also responded.


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