HOW THEY GOT IN: The gaping hole thieves created to gain entry into the office of the local government councillor Arlene Ramdeo in Erin on Sunday night.

Thieves equipped with tools burst a hole in the wall of the Rancho Quemado office of local government councillor for Erin Arlene Ramdeo and constituency sub-office of Member of Parliament for La Brea Stephen McClashie and stole over $5,000 worth of appliances and miscellaneous items on Sunday night.

The offices are housed in the same building two-storey building on SS Erin Road.

Ramdeo, in an interview on Tuesday while she and her employee cleaned the premises, said she believed it was a crime of opportunity and not politically related, as nothing relative to the business of the office was missing.

“To me, it looked like a crime of opportunity. Maybe young people came to see if there is money or things that they can take and sell quickly,” the Erin local government councillor said.

A police report said that the office of Ramdeo and McClashie were secured at around 4.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. respectively on Sunday. Ramdeo said that the next morning before 6 a.m. a CEPEP contractor passing by noticed a door open and contacted someone to inform them of it.

Employees turned up for work and observed the doors on the southern side of the building were open.

Upon further checking, he discovered that there was a large hole in the wall next to the door of Ramdeo’s office.

The report said that missing from Ramdeo’s office was a quantity of alcohol valued at $1,000, cleaning agents valued at $700, a water dispenser valued at $1,000, a ring stove valued at $320, and a gas tank valued at $300.

Erin police Cpl Morales and PC Steele responded and conducted investigations.

Police were told that the building is fitted with a closed-circuit camera system however same has not been functional for several months.

Ramdeo said, “Generally, there is an increase in crime in the country. But to say Rancho Quemado, not really. Cannot say if it was people from the area or not. The police are doing their investigations. The police response has been good and they are in constant contact.”

She added that there were no tools on the compound, so the thieves would have had to have brought their own to burst through the wall.

Cpl Morales is continuing investigations.


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