The bandits

The three men involved in the robbery

Two brothers were involved in a dramatic highway chase yesterday of the criminal suspects who broken into their vehicle and stole $20,000.

Brandon and Ashmeer Karim stayed on the phone with police officers, giving the dispatcher a description of the vehicle and where it was headed.

The getaway car was abandoned, but the driver was captured, tied, shamed, and arrested.

His two accomplices abandoned him and fled.

Last night, Brandon Karim posted on social media details on what happened.

He wrote: “Thankfully my brother Ashmeer Karim and I are safe. No one was shot or injured. The TTPS responded quickly and was on the scene a few minutes after we apprehended the driver of the vehicle. While speaking to the dispatcher she was on the other line relaying the message to task force. After the driver was apprehended I noticed the number plate PDM 5942 was a bit tilted and that’s when we realized it was false plates and the actual plate number for the vehicle is PDY 4458 which is his mother’s car. The driver admitted to following us from Republic Bank Valpark to ABC Home Center in Aranguez where the van was broken into from the right side back glass. While he was apprehended he pleaded for us not to take it far and his words were “Oh gosh don’t take it so far, I would pay you back the money and fix the van”. I believe it’s a network of other guys involved because while all this was happening someone who was on the phone connected to the bluetooth of the car was keep asking “where alyuh dey boi?”.

Police have the identities of the other suspects.


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