drunk driving

A Canadian national, who failed a breathalyser test administered after an accident, was fined $3,000 for driving under the influence.

Narad Persaud, police said, appeared before a Tunapuna Magistrate on Tuesday hours after the accident. According to police reports, at about 5 a.m. on Tuesday WPC Scott and PC Willet of the Cumuto Highway Patrol Unit were on mobile patrol along the east bound lane of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, when they observed vehicles which had been involved in a collision.

Whilst interviewing the drivers PC Willet detected a scent of alcohol on Persaud’s breath.

He enquired if the 30-year-old man had any alcohol to which he replied, “I had four beers.”

A breathalyser test was administered which read 102 micrgrammes per 100 ml of breath (µg/ml). Persaud pled guilty to the offence and was fined.